Increasing access to quality water through Public Private and Community Partnerships (PPCP)

Water 1

Lake Victoria North and Lake Victoria South Water Services Boards (WSBs) with the support of the MAP programme have started pilot testing of PPCP models in Kenya. This approach brings together the private sector, Water Users Associations (community) and WSBs in the form of a contractual arrangement. The objective of the pilot is to establish commercially viable water services delivery models where the water systems remain under the control of County Governments who contract private firms to manage them.

MAP supported the two WSBs through a process of selecting private enterprenuers to manage 12 water points currently underserving an estimated 127,904 people in Western Kenya.  The 12 water points have been affected by numerous breakdowns and experience challenges of poor management.  In 2013 Lake Victoria North and Lake Victoria South WSBs received applications from 21 prospective private operators interested in managing the water points. Out of these, 11 operators were awarded contracts to begin managing the water points. These private operators own small  businesses as petrol stations, shops and hardwares and have shown that they have capacity to run the water points.

The County Governments then monitor the firms’ performance, both ensuring that the consumer rights are protected and private sector maximises on the efficiency, quality standards and outreach.

On 18th October, Kenya Markets Trust and  its partners have organised a PPP workshop to create an awareness on this model


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